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Despite a two-foot height difference, Trolls get along famously with Ogres, sharing similar likes, dislikes and pastimes. 
Outdoorsy and not quite bright, they're easily recognizable due to their skin's natural green tinge. - EverQuest manual

It should be noted that the following description was taken partially from my encounter with a huge troll Shadow Knight named Jubjub while I was travelling to this area to seek out the frogloks. I had just barely escaped with my life after finding a haunted ruin within the swamp, when I stumbled across this troll, healing quickly beneath a tree. He spared my life only because I healed him with my song and was able to entertain him with my drumming skill (and, I would later find out, because he had previously tried half-elf flesh and really didn't favor it). Some wonder why I would bother to interact with the likes of him, but I was injured and the sword he picked up when I encountered him was as long as I was tall, and covered in gore and chunks of hair and scales... Being rather intelligent, for his race, he scratched the above map in the dirt for me and gave me a description of its inhabitants, although his take on them was quite the opposite from what I express below. He warned me to never travel within, for his buddies would "smash" me. I followed his advice...



Trolls are often considered a hideous and deplorable race that carries a sickening smell. This view suits the Trolls, as they are generally unpleasant to everyone. Trolls are an immense race, at least twice as strong as the average human. They have the ability to regenerate faster than most other races. Trolls have two primary motivators: food and power. These grotesque creatures will eat just about anything.

Trolls are extremely cruel and their greed is almost insatiable. They trust no one, not even each other. Trolls also fancy that they have advanced abilities in the culinary arts, with their ability to pickle just about anything, or make a meal out of "spare parts."

Trolls generally detest the other races, including other Trolls. They tend to put up with the Dark Elves out of fear, much like Ogres do.

The city of Grobb lies within the Innothule Swamp of Antonica. The city is infested with mosquitoes and spiders, which serve as both pets and snacks for the Trolls.

Basic Information

Increased Consumption Rate

Barbarians, Halflings, Ogres, and Trolls all consume food and drink slightly faster than other races.

Increased HP Regeneration

Both Iksar and Trolls have higher HP regeneration rates (per tick):

  • Level 01-19: 4 sitting, 2 feigned, 2 standing
  • Level 20-49: 6 sitting, 2 feigned, 2 standing
  • Level 50: 8 sitting, 2 feigned, 2 standing
  • Level 51-55: 12 sitting, 8 feigned, 6 standing
  • Level 56-59: 16 sitting, 12 feigned, 10 standing
  • Level 60: 18 sitting, 14 feigned, 12 standing

Comparatively, these are the HP regeneration rates (per tick) for all other races:

  • Level 01-19: 2 sitting, 1 feigned, 1 standing
  • Level 20-49: 3 sitting, 1 feigned, 1 standing
  • Level 50: 4 sitting, 1 feigned, 1 standing
  • Level 51-55: 5 sitting, 3 feigned, 2 standing
  • Level 56-59: 6 sitting, 4 feigned, 3 standing
  • Level 60: 7 sitting, 5 feigned, 4 standing

A "tick" happens every 6 seconds (server side).

  • It does not matter whether you are sitting or standing between seconds 1 and 5, only the 6th second.


Slightly improved night vision, not as good as the Dark Elf's Ultravision.

Base Stats

108 109 83 75 60 52 40

Starting Stats

  • Shadow Knight: 118 STR / 114 STA / 83 AGI / 75 DEX / 60 WIS / 62 INT / 45 CHA / 20 Bonus Points
  • Shaman: 108 STR / 114 STA / 83 AGI / 75 DEX / 70 WIS / 52 INT / 45 CHA / 30 Bonus Points
  • Warrior: 118 STR / 119 STA / 88 AGI / 75 DEX / 60 WIS / 52 INT / 40 CHA / 25 Bonus Points

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