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Short and Human-like, Halflings are by far the most nimble and mobile race in the world. 
Outstanding dexterity and agility come naturally, and they're natural travelers.
Because of this, Halflings have developed peaceful relations with all other races. - EverQuest manual


Halflings are aptly named, as they are half the size of the average height for most of Norrath's races. They usually measure about three feet in height and are often thick around their middles. Their lack of height is not be confused as a weakness though; if confronted or threatened, Halflings are very capable.

Halflings are happy-go-lucky and hospitable. Any one of them would readily give their life for a friend. They are renowned for their tomfoolery and humor, always appreciating a bit of fun. They especially like to tease Erudites for their lack of wit. Enjoying what each day brings is a large part of their lives.

Halflings tend to get along well with most races, except those that are truly evil, but even then rare friendships are made with members of the less savory races.

The quaint, stunted city of Rivervale lies between the Kithicor Forest and Misty Thicket in central Antonica. It is crowded with skilled tradesman, taverns, and friendly folk.

Basic Information

Increased Consumption Rate

Barbarians, Halflings, Ogres, and Trolls all consume food and drink slightly faster than other races.


Slightly improved night vision, not as good as the Dark Elf's Ultravision.

Base Stats

70 75 95 90 80 67 50

Starting Stats

  • Cleric: 75 STR / 80 STA / 95 AGI / 90 DEX / 90 WIS / 67 INT / 50 CHA / 30 Bonus Points
  • Druid: 70 STR / 85 STA / 95 AGI / 90 DEX / 90 WIS / 67 INT / 50 CHA / 30 Bonus Points
  • Rogue: 70 STR / 75 STA / 105 AGI / 100 DEX / 80 WIS / 67 INT / 50 CHA / 30 Bonus Points
  • Warrior: 80 STR / 85 STA / 100 AGI / 90 DEX / 80 WIS / 47 INT / 50 CHA / 25 Bonus Points

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