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Skill Hide

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This skill causes you to hide in the shadows, granting you an effect similar to invisibility as long as you do not move or sneak. Having a higher skill level increases the chance that a hide attempt will succeed.

Most classes aren't told whether a hide attempt fails or succeeds. In order to find out whether or not it worked the character must consider (with /con or by pressing "c") a non-indifferent mob after the hide attempt: if the mob is now indifferent then hiding was successful.

(You can sometimes find a non-indifferent mob using a spell like Sense Summoned, Sense Animal or Sense Undead. This will put the nearest summoned/animal/undead on your target, and can be used to check if Hide worked or not as any other mob.)

You can also check and see if your hide is successful by using the /target <your character name> command. If you hide and are able to /target yourself then your hide has failed. If you hide and do /target <your name> but no target comes up then you know your hide is successful. This technique only works if you don't have a way to See Invis at the moment (spell, items, etc.).


Rogues get extra benefits when using hide: they can move, the game tells them whether or not they fail, and their hide can be used to reduce aggro (hatred) for an actively attacking mob. Evade works against 95% of the mobs in the game (including undead).

Evade was added February 17, 2000 with the Paineel Era [1]



Note: All Dark Elves, Wood Elves, and Halflings, regardless of class, start out with 50 skill in Hide. This can be very useful in a tight spot. However, this skill cannot be raised above 50 unless the character is also one of the aforementioned classes with access to Hide. Then the Hide skill may be raised once the character reaches the appropriate level.

Racial non-rogue hide, only acts as invis and not invis vs undead

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