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Skill Sense Heading

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Sense Heading is a skill that lets you naturally sense which direction you're facing. The higher your Sense Heading, the greater chance it will successfully inform you in your chat-box about the general direction you are facing (North/South/East/West/NorthWest/NorthEast/SouthWest/SouthEast). A failure will simply report that you can't tell the direction you are facing, rather than giving an inaccurate direction.


  • All (Max 200)

This skill can be maxed out from level 1


An easy way to train this skill is by binding it to one of the same keys you use to turn by default.

To do this, create an Abilities Button for Sense Heading, and Drag it onto your Hotbar.

Then go to: EQ Button > Options > Keys > Hotbar 1

Under the "Alternate Key" Column click the line next to the place where you put the button, then press one of your default movement keys. (WASD or Arrows) It will be red, but don't worry, it will activate on its own now when ever you are walking around.

Also note, this ability may be very slow to skill-up at the beginning of the game. Putting a few training points into it to get it started can help alleviate this.

Trick: When you drop a weapon on the ground it always faces north.

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