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Skill Intimidation

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Intimidation, formerly Instill Doubt, is a special attack which fills your target with fear. If successful, the mob will flee just as with the spell Fear. The skill has a low chance to succeed compared to most skills, and even if it succeeds, partial resists (in which the mob flees for a shorter than maximal duration) or full resists are possible. These are likely connected to magic resist since a full resist calls it a "Fear spell". The skill has a cooldown of 10 seconds but is affected by haste.

The skill works by having your character make some attack motions, and after 6-7 seconds, you will attempt to make an attack or you will get the "you're not scaring anyone" feedback. To make this attack, your secondary attack skill must be off cooldown (flying kick, backstab) and available. You must also be in melee range and facing your target. If this attack hits, you will attempt to cast fear, which can then be fully/partially resisted. The Intimidation skill doesn't put your secondary attack skill on cooldown, and your backstab/flying kick can be used immediately after the skill makes its check (at the "you're not scaring anyone"/attack point).

Tested on 60 monk (blue) and 51 monk (green) could use while flying kick was down, could use while attack was on, casting a spell or clicking epic/robe of whistling fists interrupted.

It can be used regardless of line of sight and distance as long as you have an NPC targeted. There is no chance of a successful intimidate when performed this way but it will skill up nonetheless, making training this skill safe and trivial almost anywhere.

Note for rogue soloing: You can hide/sneak behind a mob, and try to intimidate over and over until you get a resist or success ( "not scaring anyone" result doesn't drop hide, nor aggros ). This means, if you have applied a snare poison, you can ususally get the mob feared and then hit it with a snare poison, and then backstab and melee it while it is feared. Helps a lot to have SoW or JBoots when doing this. This tactic can give you a bit of a boost in dps before the mob starts hitting you, which can make the difference. So this Intimidation skill isn't as ridiculously useless as everyone thinks.


  • Monk (Level: 18, Max: 200)
  • Rogue (Level: 22, Max: 200)
  • Bard (Level: 26, Max: 100)
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