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Skill Disarm

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This skill allows the combatant to dislodge a wielded weapon from his opponent's hands, knocking it to the ground and forcing him, at least for the moment, to fight hand-to-hand. When used against NPCs with weapons with the MAGIC tag (which encompasses nearly every weapon of significant value), the weapon will not fall to the ground as a dropped item, but instead is moved to their inventory and can be looted later. Killing Broon in East Karana the weapon did fall to ground since it was non-Magic. When used against players, the weapon is placed on their cursor.

Skill Ups

Tested on multiple mobs, Disarm does not require a mob of XP-giving level for skill ups. Disarm does, however, require a mob to be holding a weapon for a skill up chance!


Disarm generates 6 aggro on mobs with and without weapons.(Testing was completed 3/28/18)


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