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Skill Swimming

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How well you move in the water. Higher skills grant increased speed in the water.


  • All (Max 200)

Swimming is level capped (5*level)+5, so if you are level 20, you can only build your Swimming skill to 105. See Discussion tab for more information.

  • Earliest level to get Max 200 swimming is level 39


There are a few ways to train swimming, none of which are fast.
Before you begin make sure your Wis or Int are as high as possible.
Here are some ways to gain swimming intentionally.

  • Press and hold keyboard Up and Left or Right arrow then press Enter twice. Your character will move in a tight circle without further input. A great place to do this is the south end of the frozen river in Everfrost Peaks because you can run on top of the ice. Don't afk while swimming in circles with spirit of wolf up because you will sink in the water once it wears off.
  • Running circles in a water stream. some locations: LoIo, Thurg entrance in GD.
  • Run along shorelines or circles in shallow water. Swamps are good for this.
  • Run over ice, such as in Everfrost Peaks.
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