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Skill Safe Fall

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This skill enables you to take reduced damage from falling from high places. At maximum levels, you can escape with barely a scratch. A short fall will skill up just as easily as a long one. Run in circles around a area with some Hills or Mountains.

Locations to Max

  • Wizard Spire in West Commons
  • Zone walls in South Karana and The Wakening Lands near the mountains.
  • Erudin teleportation point "A"
  • Any zone with mountains or lots of hills.

South Karana tip: the hill just South East of the bridge to North Karana (location 2230, 425) works extremely well. Face North, and run forward. After you land about 6-7 times, turn around, run back up the hill, and continue the process. The area is also fairly safe, and close to the zone line.


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