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Skill Meditate

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Meditate greatly improves mana regeneration rates. Without it, you only gain 2 mana (per tick) when sitting.

  • For every 12 points your Meditate skill has, you will regenerate +1 mana (per tick) when sitting.
  • As long as you have trained 1 point into it, Meditate automatically happens when sitting.
  • Whether you have Meditate or not, you will only gain 1 mana (per tick) when standing.

A "tick" happens every 6 seconds (server side).

  • It does not matter whether you are sitting or standing between seconds 1 and 5, only the 6th second.

Note: Meditate will not work on P99 Green in the same way it does on P99 Blue for players under level 35. There will be several patches coming the next year to simulate the original release. This sequence of patches have the following progression:

2-3 months into Hole era. Just before Epics era. It's possible the change wont come until Epics Era.

  • AUGUST 23, 2000
    • Enable the /meditate command which automatically opens the spell book and activates meditate. Prior to this patch, meditate must be turned on using the UI.
  • August 30, 2000
    • Remove the /meditate command and replace it with an automatic meditate which activates when opening the spell book.
    • Remove the need to have the spell book open at all, for all levels rather than just 35+ characters.

Meditate Button

Prior to late Hole Era users can find the Meditate Button by opening their Spellbook, either by clicking the icon, typing /book # or using a shortcut Ctrl + b.

On P99 Green (2019), between levels 1 and 34 the user must click the meditate button in their spellbook in order to meditate.

level 35+ The user can simply sit to activate mediate.


Regen Table

Skill Non-hybrid Mana/Tic Level
12 1 4
24 2 4
36 3 7
48 4 9
60 5 11
72 6 14
84 7 16
96 8 19
108 9 21
120 10 23
132 11 26
144 12 28
156 13 31
168 14 33
180 15 35
192 16 38
204 17 40
216 18 43
228 19 45
240 20 53
252 21 58

Patch History

Meditation changed over the course of a few patches on live.

  • October 28, 1999 Patch- Level 35+ casters will now automatically meditate while sitting.[1]
  • August 23, 2000 Patch- /meditate causes you to sit down, open your spellbook, and begin meditation. [2]
  • August 30, 2000 Patch- Opening your spellbook will automatically cause you to begin meditating providing that you have the skill. Removed the /meditate command since it is no longer necessary. [3]
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