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Nowadays inactive ingame and on the wiki. Best of luck!

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Starting Stats

I'm thinking that the "Starting Stats" section under each race page is kind of pointless, since the stat tables under classes can actually be used to compare something. Comparing different class stats for the same race serves no purpose in my mind. On top of that, they just look ugly typed out how they are. Just wanted to run this by somebody. Thoughts? --Sigle843 (talk) 11:59, 8 November 2013 (EST)

I agree they are not super useful, but I wouldn't delete them as long as they are correct. Feel free to re-format them though, in a table might be better? --Ravhin (talk) 00:46, 9 November 2013 (EST)

Broken Hover Links

I made a page called Deity Specific Items, somebody pointed out that the Dwarven Plate under Brell Serillis lead to the wrong items, although the hover image is correct. I can't figure it out. They say (Enchanted Imbued) in the code but they won't show up that way. Any ideas what's going on? --Sigle843 (talk) 21:16, 7 October 2013 (EDT)

I fixed these items, you can see the problem in the revisions. It is because the link that comes with the hover/transclusion is not automatically generated, but instead is actually a part of each item page, so for items where we change the names for some reason (like lots of the Cultural Armor with multiple items with the same ingame name) these can not match up correctly, which can be really confusing. Let me know if you see any other items like this. --Ravhin (talk) 15:32, 12 October 2013 (EDT)

Makes sense. Thanks! --Sigle843 (talk) 10:57, 14 October 2013 (EDT)

Abscond Locations

Hey, have you seen the discussion here? I really don't see why there need to be two separate lists, but he clearly doesn't agree. I don't know why. What would you do in this situation? --Estu (talk) 15:11, 5 October 2013 (EDT)

Hi, as you point out these are "safe point coordinates", one set per zone, so all spells go to the same place. I've found it best practice to just let people do what they want on their pet projects, since they obviously care more/are more invested than us! So I would just recommend you let things develop as they will - once this alternative list becomes more complete we can just be the gracious party and (1) do a merge, (2) make some crosslinks, or (3) replace the existing list on Travel Guides with a transclusion to this list. Whatever makes the most sense at that time. --Ravhin (talk) 16:49, 6 October 2013 (EDT)

Auction Tracker

I have some ideas to improve the auction tracker to be resistant to shenanigans, if you would like some help with it. --Fzzzt (talk) 01:38, 23 May 2021 (UTC)

Hey, I've noticed that this feature has been down for a while. Just wondering what's going on with it - ahungry is nice but not the same. Thanks! --Estu (talk) 23:23, 9 September 2013 (EDT)

Hi, the problem is just the performance, need to optimize it a bit, as the load on the server was really high. Work in progress! --Ravhin (talk) 23:56, 9 September 2013 (EDT)


I've been thinking and I really think we should maybe try and port all of this information to a community database to make it easily searchable and editable. A wiki is great to give people information about P99 for guides and such but an actual searchable database with a front end would do a world of good for the Classic EQ community. For example items, NPCs, zones, etc can all be tagged and searchable by era, stats, etc. I have never seen anything like Allakhazam for "classic" EQ. I believe porting over the information from this wiki would be a great start.

Anyhow, just a thought and something I would love to see for the EQ community and contribute to someday. - Zomunk

Just wondering, what exactly would this allow people to do that they can't already do on the Wiki? If I'm interested in some monster or zone I can easily look it up on the Wiki. How many people are going to have the need and know-how to perform database queries, and what are they going to be querying? --Estu 14:18, 3 July 2013 (UTC)
Many, many things. In terms of the general community it would basically be a search engine of all things classic EQ. There are things that just work better with a database like searching for items by stats and era.
For example if one would like to know all resist items a list has to be created on the wiki whereas with a database the user has a front end to search for items with +magic resist. There's just over all a lot more upkeep required with a wiki in regards to this kind of thing.
On the development side of things a classic database that is admin'd by a group people but the entire community can supply updates, add items, etc would be of huge benefit to the entire community. The database would be available for developers projects like whomever wanted to make their own servers or even helping p99 become more accurate.
I just believe that having an open community project like this would benefit everyone who wishes to help preserve and promote classic EQ for the future.
--Zomunk 22:33, 3 July 2013 (UTC)
I thought about this a lot when I first started working on the wiki, i.e. when writing the format of the item/mob pages I realized that perhaps this would all be better done with a DB/allakhazam type approach, instead of wiki pages. There are many examples of "allakhazam clones" based off the EQEmu DB, for example here. Personally I don't find these too interesting, I think our wiki has a lot more potential and is more interesting. Of course if we had access to the p99 DB then I would never refuse the chance to make something along these lines, or at least integrate it with the wiki, but we don't, so you're talking about starting from scratch, i.e. the current information on the wiki, which is of course about 95% from classic/live EQ sources, and 5% corrections or p99 specific additions (hopefully this is perpetually getting better).
Would would have been smart from the beginning was to do a "semantic wiki", but that wasn't the software that was installed, and at that point I didn't have any access to make that kind of change of direction. This would allow you to do more of what you're suggesting, i.e. detailed searches on certain fields, but I have to agree with Estu, I don't think many people actually care about this, e.g. "find all the Monk items with PR between 5 and 15 for either Back or Arms slots". Perhaps you have examples of more realistic "complex searches"?
Note that doing such searches is entirely possible in the wiki, the "Equipment by Class/Slot" pages are a basic example of this, it just isn't "optimal." So long as all the item/mob/spell/... pages stick very closely to the same format (which is part of the reason I review most changes), then they can still be parsed for this kind of information, while also allowing the wiki to be a bit more dynamic and less rigid than a "DB browser" type page. So this was my plan. If you think this complex, search by field ability would be useful, it is something I could work on, or you are definitely more than welcome to do it! Download the source of the extensions I've done from [1] and look at ClassSlotEquip and DynamicZoneList to get started.
--Ravhin 18:36, 13 July 2013 (UTC)

Evacuate Locations

I was thinking of making a list of places that the Wizard spells Evacuate and Abscond take you to in zones. I had a few questions about this:

1) Is there already such a list available?

2) Where would be a good place to put this list on the wiki? I.e., would it be directly in the spell pages, or would it be linked from them?

3) Do we know whether the Wizard and Druid spells take people to the same spots?

--Estu 13:42, 5 June 2013 (UTC)

As far as I know these are the same as the "zone safe point" ("safe_xyz" fields here), where you are moved if you fall under the world for instance. So would be the same for Druid/Wiz. I suspect stock EQEmu/PEQ/PAX got these all right, so they would all be the same on p99. This would be nice to have, could make one list and put it in Travel Guide, or add to every zone which would be a lot more work. You can pull them off a web interface to one of the DBs (like here or here) or download a DB (like here) and write a little SQL query to extract them and generate the list. --Ravhin 15:20, 5 June 2013 (UTC)


Hey dogg, I haven't seen you in the recent changes for a while. What's up? --Estu 12:54, 25 May 2013 (UTC)

Just on vacation, still around. Will look over the past few weeks of changes soonish. --Ravhin 14:59, 27 May 2013 (UTC)

Cool! Glad to see you're not gone for good. The wiki would go down in flames without you! --Estu 23:50, 27 May 2013 (UTC)


Hi, I noticed you made me an admin. I was wondering what exactly this means (I noticed I can now rollback edits (though I could have done this before) and protect pages; are there any other major privileges?), and what the orange exclamation points I see next to some edits in the recent changes page mean. Thanks! --Estu 19:22, 3 May 2013 (UTC)

Hi, unfortunately it doesn't mean much! You can edit the main page, and (maybe) delete pages. I'm not sure what the orange exclamation points are, perhaps related to patrolling edits (I don't use this feature), I've never seen them. Carry on, --Ravhin 00:09, 4 May 2013 (UTC)

95% Confidence Intervals for Parsed Loot Tables

Hey man, I just wanted to run this by you before I went editing a hundred pages. There was a discussion here of the issue I wanted to address. The short of it is I've coded in 95% confidence intervals (Wilson approximations) on the loot tables I generate using my parser, and I want to add them to every piece of loot I have listed. Here is what it would look like:

  • Bat Wing
    Bat Wing
    Item 791.png

    WT: 0.0 Size: SMALL
    Class: ALL
    Race: ALL

    (38.2%) (29.4% - 47.9%) [p1999]
  • Bat Fur
    Bat Fur
    Item 792.png

    WT: 0.0 Size: SMALL
    Class: ALL
    Race: ALL

    (25.5%) (18% - 34.7%) [p1999]

The idea here would be to give the user some idea of how accurate the numbers are, so (for example) they don't go crazy farming a monster that seems to drop an item more often than another monster when statistically we aren't actually confident about it. Thoughts?

--Estu 00:56, 19 April 2013 (UTC)

Hi, that sounds good. I read through the thread and see why you settled on the Wilson measure, but the asymmetric interval seems rather complicated for this setting. It's fine if you want to stick with that, personally I would probably just take the average of the upper/lower intervals and report it as a "X +/- Y". But you are free to keep the full interval. Also, you can change the CSS formatting however you like, add new content to Mediawiki:Monobook.css if you like.
One additional possibility is to make a wiki template for this purpose. In particular, it could take two inputs (number of drops seen, total number of kills recorded) and output the percentage and confidence intervals. To do this you would have to be able to code the Wilson approach with this. The upside would be that other people could much more easily combine some results with your existing results (though, since this is rather unlikely to actually happen, ...). --Ravhin 16:43, 19 April 2013 (UTC)

Cool, thanks for the quick response. Since I have very little experience dealing with wiki stuff or CSS formatting, I think I'll just stick with the form I'm using. I like the Wilson measure since it's much better at dealing with extreme values (like p = 1%), which we see a lot of. It also doesn't give us stupid things like confidence intervals that go into negative percentages. I'll update all the loot tables I've created.--Estu 17:02, 19 April 2013 (UTC)

Zone page redesign (or alternate design)

When I browse zone pages the layout when you make the width smaller is unreadable. I am going to add a screenshot to show you what I mean. Is there a way we can redesign this or have an optional design so that this doesn't happen on smaller widths? As you can see here: unreadable page the unique monster list and item list will shrink to make room for the maps. Which can be especially annoying on zones with very large lists. Perhaps the maps should be on its own row and not take priority to shrink the lists? Just looking for ideas to make this page easily readable.

Here is a mock-up I created for a potentially more readable zone page: Mock up zone page

Hi, I think this is a good idea. Several parts of the wiki don't work so well for narrow screen resolutions (I use 1920 and wouldn't try to support less than 1680), but where that can be improved that is great. The only important thing is, I think, that the map legends stay near the map (preferably on screen at the same time). Perhaps floating the maps on the right, but lower, with the legends? I've changed Karnor's Castle to that to see what it looks like. If you think purely linear works better, we can go with that... are you volunteering to change all the zone pages? --Ravhin 16:43, 19 April 2013 (UTC)

The karnor's page looks much better now. Is there is a way to set a minimum width for the "key" section of the map? That way the map doesn't squish it down so far that you are reading one word per line? Besides that it looks good. I could do some research into the way the code works to figure it out. Is the layout automatically done the same for each zone page? Or is the layout unique for every zone page?

--Zomunk 21:42, 20 April 2013 (UTC)

I tried editing this in my page for Kithicor Forest. I added a table in so the image will not clip into other sections. I think this works better on zones where the map is larger than the key list. See User:Zomunk and let me know what you think?

Looks good, but I don't see that there is any minimum size for the legend. It still gets really narrow for small screen widths [2]. In terms of the zones pages, they just follow the same convention for their layout, but are all made individually, so they will all have to be changed individually. --Ravhin 14:27, 23 April 2013 (UTC)

Take a look at the redesigned map format on Old Sebilis and Karnor's Castle, this is where I was testing out and decided on a good looking format for the map. The only problem is: loot windows are not taking priority over the map images that are outside of the table thus resulting in them being underneath the map and cut off at certain areas. Is this an option or setting with either the image or the code of the loot?

--Zomunk 05:41, 2 May 2013 (UTC)

Filters for the missing pages

  • If it's not too much trouble is there a way you can add filters or separate searches for missing pages by Era (Original, Kunark, Velious etc.) I'd like to be able to search for missing pages for stuff already on the server so I can actually confirm/screenshot etc from in game.
Unfortunately this isn't possible, since the "Era" is only known after the page is created. I would recommend just looking through the zone and faction pages for classic/kunark and filling in missing links found there. --Ravhin 17:54, 13 February 2013 (UTC)

Clockwork Merchants

For the clockwork merchants I used the scraper for LG 2 through 17. I believe these ones are mostly correct as they are just the spells, no items. I removed all spells I saw that came up and had no page as I believe they are non classic spells. For 1, 18, and 19 these merchants had caster supplies on them. I had to cross check them with the game and added items manually they are consistent with p1999, although I think some of these p1999 items are NOT classic and the items included on them/their positions don't seem to be what I remember.

Note: the clockwork merchants in the Necro and Cleric guild and all of the miscellaneous "a clockwork merchant" (tailor, cobbler, etc. included) are not showing up on allakhazam: [3] So... either they have been renamed on live since then, don't exist, or zam is missing them. (the scraper will not pull when you only put a [4] id. Can the scraper be adjusted to let you do this? It would save a lot of time in adding all of these merchants.

Also about the scraper why does it skip things? For example if you create the faction "Residents of Jaggedpine" it skips almost every mob and quest that changes the faction. Can this be fixed in the code or is it intentional?

(Sorry the ocd in me is making me take a screen of all npc's =P)

For the black line thing I'm not sure how I'm adding it is it placed automatically some how cause I wasn't intending to add it.

The only problem I foresaw with the single page for multiple zones: how will you know which locs are for which zone. Shall we just leave those blank or list them individually by zone somewhere else on the page.

--Zomunk 19:41, 10 February 2013 (UTC)

  • I modified the scraper to accept just one ID (only really works given the EMU ID). Also, if you have strong evidence that some of the merchant lists are wrong on p99 (not unlikely) I would encourage you to submit a bug report on the p99 forums.
  • In terms of skipping things, it skips based on the IDs being too high (basically), which indicates they were added late in real-time to allakhazam, and are therefore unlikely classic. In particular, Jaggedpine is post-Luclin launch and isn't going to ever exist on p99, which is why making a faction page related to that is hopeless and it will skip most all the NPCs, etc.
  • If you really want to do all the screenshots, no problem!
  • Not sure what black line you're talking about?
  • Finally, the locs are really only useful for static spawns with one or a small number of spawn points. In this case, we can certainly include locs for different zones on one page, just make it clear which goes to which. Beyond this, for wandering mobs, or common mobs with dozens of spawn points, the "Location" field isn't really useful / doesn't serve a purpose. After someone added habitat images to a few pages (A scaled wolf pup, this is from Magelo DB which I currently don't use in any way) I started thinking about adding a new wiki feature that would render ShowEQ style maps and then overlay all these spawn points. It would initially grab the data from Magelo, but also allow people to click to add/delete spawn points. I was thinking to store these spawn points in a separate database (not the wikitext), and there they would have to be separated out carefully by each zone. Anyways, maybe something for the future. For now I would just use the "Locations" field when you can. --Ravhin 22:24, 10 February 2013 (UTC)

About Special Pages

Is there any way for a user to create a special page for this wiki and how about would one do this? The reason being: I want to create a sort of guide that would be truly easy to do so I think with a special page. Also, where does the "DynamicZoneList" special page pull from as I noticed some where mobs are missing from them. I saw this question was asked below, but I don't see any answers to these questions. A real forum would be nice.

--Zomunk 17:32, 26 January 2013 (UTC)

Hi, I usually answered back on other people's talk pages, which I realized doesn't make much sense. Now I will answer here. I saw your Classic Merchant Guide - yes you could try to do this automatically, i.e. make a list of all merchants in non-city zones. If you want to do this (and know PHP) I'll send you some source code to start from. But, to be honest, I think that this list would be more useful by hand (e.g. it could skip all Overthere merchants, or Dwarf merchants in Butcherblock, which are not generally accessible. --Ravhin 17:53, 26 January 2013 (UTC)

What I originally tried to do was check the Category:Merchants to see if I could just sort by zone and I would just use that to find merchants near me, but it does not show any additional information just a long list of merchant names that was useless to me. So what I thought what I could do was create something similar to the DynamicZoneList, which I assumed just used some code to pull fields from a database. I know a bit of PHP and have coded in it before and I'm also very familiar with programming so I could research and learn whatever I needed to.

But I have several questions now that I could not find answers to on here. Perhaps it would be better for me to ask you through email or some other method as I don't want to flood your page here. Let me know, thanks.

--Zomunk 20:26, 26 January 2013 (UTC)

Wiping Div Roster

Hey Raviño. A Div officer may be contacting you about wiping your Guild Roster db for future use. We've got a lot of new faces and we're about to ramp up some new banking spreadsheets and member databases. Cya! Maximum 20:15, 13 July 2012 (UTC)

Raid Calendar update plz

Could you udpate Div Raid Cal? Trakanon = THREE day respawn; VS = SEVEN day respawn. I can't tell if this was done yet. Also Velious mobs will be needed soon (Lodi, Stormfeather, etc)[5]. Thanks for your time. Maximum 17:40, 23 August 2012 (UTC)

How to edit certain parts of the wiki?

I am trying edit tables and it shows this: "{Special:DynamicZoneList/Halas}" (With additional { } on both sides)

Also, some major inaccuracies, quests that don't (yet or may never) exist are present I would like to help but I do not have the experience or understanding to create an NPC page or a quest page. If you can explain or direct me to a guide that would allow me to better understand this that would be great.

What I have done to edit so far is just read the code with trial and error.

Thanks, --Nightkeep 01:05, 25 November 2012 (UTC)

Additional Information/Quests that don't exist yet

I do a lot of the quests that the majority of players completely ignore. Some of it is for faction; I would be the level 60 DE Necromancer killing Orc Pawns around Freeport or the level 60 that gained more experience from quests than creatures. Having said that, I have found some quests that additional information maybe invaluable to some. Particularly simple quests that increase or reduce faction.

For instance,

A GM Rogue from the Circle Of Unseen Hands gives the quest Package from Lomarc. During the quest it requires you to kill Lomarc, a member from the same faction. I had just increased my faction with the Corrupt Qeynos Guards from dubious to apprehensive. I had just slain Lomarc and I had noticed I was now dubious to the Corrupt Qeynos Guards again. Out of curiosity, I wondered, does the quest give equal, less, or more faction to the Corrupt Qeynos Guards than it takes from killing Lomarc? When I turned the A Kerran Doll back into the GM Rogue, my faction increased back to apprehensive. I repeated the quest only one more time and my faction did not return back into apprehensive again, it was still dubiously. The quest actually reduces the faction standing with the Corrupt Qeynos Guards(as I would assume it would do so even to it's own guild..). Someone may do this quest thinking to increase faction when they are in reality losing faction, causing them to become KoS with the corrupt guards or possibly their own guild! (Also, it sounds like a bug} --Nightkeep 03:57, 27 November 2012 (UTC)

Also, I have information about primary factions(those that will cause them to be KoS or ally) that are not as they would seem.

Primary Faction

I want to list what I will call the "primary faction". This is the specific faction that determines how that particular individual will react to you based on your standings, since they may change multiple factions when being killed or questing. I think it is important for faction gaining quests so the player will have an idea if they are KoS with that individual and don't waste effort attempting to do it.

I tried to add it like so:

If you do not want me to list it, I won't. It is just an idea. --Nightkeep 03:37, 5 December 2012 (UTC)

The quests in Qeynos allow you to change each individual faction that a character is apart of. If you kill the person(sometimes over and over) and they have a change in consideration of you than you already know that his primary faction has to be tied to one of the factions that he is currently connected with. Additionally, since his faction fluctuates with only the several factions that I had been changing and his standings are identical(consistently too) to that of the merchants of qeynos, than it becomes clear. An easier way to find out is to make a lower level to take the faction hits, so not to reduce your own to ashes.

I will give you a good example, I was camping a bard in WK, Misty Storyswapper. I killed her over and over again with no notice in faction change in the qeynos guard stationed near her, Guard Gregor(She reduces faction with Qeynos Guards when killed but NOT Antonius Bayle). The XP was beginning to slow down so I began killing the guard. My faction with him began dropping, to around apprehensive, which was the point where it felt like a good choice to stop in case I made any wrong moves faction-wise and became KoS. When I returned to Qeynos, however, all the guards were lower in faction but not apprehensive, they were amiable from kindly(or warmly, one of the two). Either way, I found out the Guards of Qeynos faction generally means the guards within or around Qeynos's walls. The guards(that aren't corrupt) in the Karanas are on the Antonius Bayle faction(which I think it is classically inaccurate but I am unsure of this) and not on the Qeynos Guards faction.

Here is a direct example w/ evidence: Sometimes a NK Qeynos Guard paths from WK to NQ in QHs, Guard Westyn.


You can see that Guard Leopold (Qeynos Guard Faction is warmly like all other Qeynos guards) while the guards in the Karana are not. By killing them you will find their faction goes down, they do not carry the same faction of the Merchants of Qeynos(and clearly not Guards of Qeynos) and thus leaves them as Antonius Bayle. This is important information for someone wanting to raise faction with the Karana's Qeynos guards rather than the Guards in Qeynos. Otherwise, it would be a lot of time wasted. Keep in mind, it is easy to raise faction with the Guards of Qeynos but it is difficult(without destroying other possibly ties) to raise Antonius Bayle.

I only post the primary faction if I know what it is.

I do a lot of different faction guests, allowing me to quickly pick up on who is on what. Additionally, where inconsistencies with classic reside(because people that beat the hell out of me shouldn't, etc). --Nightkeep 00:48, 6 December 2012 (UTC)

Keep in mind, my information(that I am posting here) is purely based on project1999's faction, so it may be "classically" inaccurate but project1999 accurate. I also take screenshots of a lot of different things, so I can show some of what I have done. (Like the above)

Also, looks great. It would probably be a good idea to give primary factions for anyone when sufficient information arises, if you tell me how to edit NPC tables, I can add some information. I think I can edit the quests ones now that I see your code.

The way you did it on Rohand was fine for me.

Merchant Ueaas

This vendor is only offering half the amount of gold that other vendors do. I am not sure if this is listed anywhere to warn players? He just ripped me off. :( He is conveniently outside of the Keleth bank too.

Also, I wasn't sure what your conclusion was about the "primary" faction on all NPC's or quest NPC or nay? --Nightkeep 17:34, 12 December 2012 (UTC)

Price Tracker

As far as the auction tracker, is there some way I can get it to confirm abnormal prices somehow? Currently on some items (Ceremonial Iksar Chestplate comes to mind, site has the prices in the high 20k's, real price is in the lower to mid 10k's) the current prices are so far off from the norm, it flags them as inappropriate and asks to remove them, so they inevitably get removed and the real pricing data never gets entered. Is there some way to fix this?

Also, many item pages have no auction tracker for some reason, how do I go about adding it, or should it be adding automatically?

--Collaborator 18:30, 8 February 2013 (UTC)

Hey, I see the problem with Ceremonial Iksar Chestplate. I tweaked the outlier algorithm and added some lower prices on that item to get things rolling. Now the outlier process only considers a short (3 month) time window back from the current date (previously it was over all time), so that price changes can be tolerated more naturally. In terms of items with missing auction tracker, it is added automatically, but occasionally an item gets excluded for some reason. If you give me a few examples of items I'll narrow it down. --Ravhin 18:11, 9 February 2013 (UTC)

Crested Helm and Crested Spaulders are two examples. They sell all the time, barely an hour goes by in the tunnel where someone isn't selling one or the other. I know I've seen quite a few more recently, but I forgot to note them, i'll keep updating this as I come across them.

--Collaborator 01:59, 17 February 2013 (UTC)

I've fixed this case (all items with "res" in their name were being excluded). Let me know if you find any others! --Ravhin 03:20, 20 February 2013 (UTC)

My uploaded files don't seem to work as far as my EC trader Yoozdgear. Can you tell me what's wrong with the /auc format?

I never see any of my prices on wiki.

Naming convention for item pages Nerfed Version vs. Prenerf Version

Hey dood. I just created Pestilence Scythe (droppable) based on this post. There are very few items like this, but is there a naming convention better than "(droppable)". Maybe something like "(post-nerf)". Not sure here. Any thoughts? Maximum 18:09, 24 January 2013 (UTC)

Hey, there is no convention for post/prenerf items. I like the idea of some additional info in parenthesis, and thats enough. This is mostly for either items or NPCs with the same name. But, I see I already broke my own rule with Shark Skin and Heretic Shark Skin. But it works ok to separate two different kinds of pages with the same name like Tektite and Tektite (Item). And I did do it like I had originally thought with Large Ruby (identify text in parenthesis). All in all I think it works ok since duplicate names are rare, particularly when links link to the right page and/or disambiguation links are included. Do you think we should make it more standardized? --Ravhin 02:38, 25 January 2013 (UTC)

Removing the Screenshot Needed tag after adding an image

I edited The Lost Pet and associated pages, and uploaded images for them. The quest page still says it needs a screenshot, though. Is there anyway to remove that tag at the top? --Kay 10:08, 13 February 2013 (UTC)

Hi, you just delete "Screenshot Needed" from the top of the page. I did this already on that page. --Ravhin 17:54, 13 February 2013 (UTC)

Oh, with the tiny edit button at the very top of the page, not the first section. I shouldn't try doing new things in the middle of the night, lol. Thanks, Rahvin.  :) --Kay 18:57, 13 February 2013 (UTC)

Formats for item pages

Couple questions:

1) Is there a template or preferred format for adding screenshots of visible armor? I mean the way the item looks when worn, not the icon graphic (those already exist). I'd like to add the in-game graphic for some armor, especially robes. (This template would apply to weapon graphics too, I suppose).

2) Is there a template or preferred format for adding the vendor prices of items? I'd like to add some of those, especially for common tradeskill items.

Thanks! --Captain Faceplant 16:38, 26 March 2013 (UTC)

Hi, I will add fields for both. For merchant prices, do like Giant Foreman's Tunic for now (use "About XXpp" or "~XXpp" or "XX pp XX gp XX sp XX cp" for example). A question, are the prices on Allakhazam correct? If so I will add a specific field for "Merchant Value" (is this both to buy and to sell, or just to sell?) and add it to the scraper. So don't go too crazy with this, since it might be automatic soon. For screenshots of how armor/robes look when worn, you should give a try adding them to Players:Fashion (which is a new page still). You can see the format I was going for, with image names starting with "fashion_item_name_here_race.jpg" for example. And I will add a "second_image" field to items so that it can be included on individual item pages. I did Robe of the Oracle for an example. Let me know any changes you think would make it better. --Ravhin 14:52, 27 March 2013 (UTC)

Hi! I'm not sure about the Allakhazam prices; I usually get my prices from eqtraders, and I'm 99.99% sure that those are correct. Actually, if I was going to spot check Alla's for correctness, I'd probably use eqtraders. Maybe I will do that, and share the results. Thanks! --Captain Faceplant 20:35, 27 March 2013 (UTC)

Unreadable Lines

Hi, I'm just adding pages to studded armor sets. The page includes AC info to the armor pieces. The lines with missing pages are correct. As soon as a link to the item exists, the AC info moves left and the lines become nearly undreadable. Using IE8. Duvinya (talk) 07:27, 12 September 2013 (EDT)

Perhaps you can make a screenshot of what it looks like? I don't see any problems like this in IE10 etc. This is likely not something I can/will fix though, e.g. IE8 is no longer supported by Google, etc.

Give me a hint please how to send the screenshot. Thank you Duvinya (talk) 06:21, 13 September 2013 (EDT)

You can upload to or similar and just paste the link here. --Ravhin (talk) 11:23, 14 September 2013 (EDT)

You locked my Magelo, give me access back

Title - Incubo

Should be fixed, let me know. --Ravhin (talk) 13:23, 22 September 2013 (EDT)

Duress magelo creator doesnt own Duress. Would like to make edits - Dubee

Saekora Magelo creator does not own Saekora, they were "testing" it for me when I said I was having trouble. And then created it. So now I can't make it - Veranish

Giblit Magelo was created by a friend trying to help, but now I can't edit it. Can you delete it so I can remake please?

Should be fixed. --Ravhin (talk) 08:31, 3 August 2021 (UTC)

Race Edits

Thanks for moving regen and faction alignment/ogre lore. Wasn't sure how to anchor links so I just made new pages. --Sigle843 (talk) 12:01, 5 October 2013 (EDT)

Browsing alt/test characters in the Magelo pages

Could you add an option to enable displaying of alt/test characters in the list of Magelo pages? I can see why you'd want to differentiate them, but I'm nosy. --Phobus (talk) 10:36, 18 November 2013 (EST)

Hey I added this, you can access the list at Special:Magelo/FullMageloBlueAlts. --Ravhin (talk) 18:11, 24 November 2013 (EST)

Think I deleted my extra Magelo page...?

Hey, Ravhin,

Thanks for letting me know about duplicate profiles. I believe I erased the superfluous one. Much obliged!

--Kalzyx (talk) 16:31, 19 December 2013 (UTC)

Auction Price Tracker

Yo sir! The Auction Price tracker doesn't appear to be functioning. I am trying to upload 1 MB txt file in Firefox 26. Maximum (talk) 19:44, 24 December 2013 (UTC)

Seems to have fixed itself - I didn't do anything. --Ravhin (talk) 21:14, 4 January 2014 (UTC)

Missing Prices

Another note: Targishin's Bone Mask does not seem to be getting its data. Maximum (talk) 02:10, 26 January 2014 (UTC)
Is all items with a single quote in the name, or just that one? Can't see why it won't show up. --Ravhin (talk) 00:50, 27 January 2014 (UTC)
Me neither. Looks correct, it's an apostrophe (') on Alla, and not "EQ apostrophe" (`). Also having the same auction tracker trouble with A Glowing Black Stone. Maximum (talk) 17:46, 22 February 2014 (UTC)
Same with Bone Chips. Maximum (talk) 14:28, 28 February 2014 (UTC)

Found Large Ringmail Visor

Pexar here

I found those Large Ringmail Visor and went to add them , And to find out the ID doesn't show up so ya let me know how to add the item without the ID or not showing a match . Thanks

Found on the Gnoll's from High Pass btw I have the stats and info here .

Large Ringmail Visor Slot : Face AC: 3 WT: 1.7 Size SMALL Class: WAR CLR PAL RNG SHD BRD ROG SHM Race: BAR TRL ORG

Found on 5/25/2014 5:34pm PST

Thanks, I added it at Large Ringmail Visor. --Ravhin (talk) 02:10, 17 June 2014 (UTC)


Is the DynamicZoneList cached or updated on the fly? I added a swampwater crocodile, but haven't seen it in the list for Upper Guk yet, so I'm wondering if I did something wrong, or if it only updates once per day or something.

--Stormlight (talk) 15:06, 26 August 2014 (UTC)

Hi, you're right, it is cached (up to a week), so it will eventually appear. Thanks! --Ravhin (talk) 16:24, 26 August 2014 (UTC)

Sorting numbers in tables

Take the page for EK for example:

When sorting the NPCs table by the Level column, it messes up the sorting due to low level mobs (<10) being part of the data. Do you have a good idea how this could be fixed? HTML/CSS-wise, I know that an easy way of providing custom sorting is to prefix the cell data with something that makes it sort correctly, and making it hidden. In this case, it should be as simple as prefixing a hidden "0" to cells where the first number is >= 1 and < 10. I don't quite know how the Special: pages work (the Special:DynamicZoneList), but here a rough example HTML/CSS of how a level 5 mob data could be put in:

<td><span style="display: none">0</span>5</td>

--Zliz (talk) 11:54, 3 October 2014 (UTC)

Some Dynamic equip pages failing to load

The Special:ClassSlotEquip/Bard/Secondary page is broken. It is loading html with an empty head and body. A couple others are also broken e.g. Warrior's Secondary page, Special:ClassSlotEquip/Warrior/Secondary. IIRC, these pages were working fine around Dec 2014. These pages are probably written in php, so Ravhin (or some other admin) would probably need to have a look-see.

Tyrir (talk) 09:12, 1 May 2015 (UTC)

I suspect this is because the page has hit some MaximumIncludes server setting. I've had a similar problem trying to save the bard songs list when changing the template system used; I had to reduce the number of templates used on the bard page to even get it to save, let alone display. --Ezri (talk) 10:56, 29 June 2015 (UTC)

Reducing Template Weight

I've recently reformatted the bard songs with two aims in mind: #1 make them look pretty #2 remove duplicated data from the /Bard page (also see /Bard/Songs) So I have done this, however the template cost has gone up dramatically and sections at the bottom of the page are now not loading (quests/equipment). Can anyone help me with reducing the number of template includes? on the wikimedia, they have a magic word called ! but that doesn't seem to be available on this wiki; the original solution was to add in a template {{!}} however that would vastly increase the number of templates used rather than reduce them. Is there any way we can get this ! magic word? thanks. ps, once this is sorted out: my plan is to roll these changes across all classes. Thanks.

Need page deleted

Per this conversation can you delete Magelo Blue:Saekora please? --Donkdonk (talk) 22:59, 5 September 2015 (UTC)

Deleted. --Ravhin (talk) 00:02, 6 September 2015 (UTC)

Inappropriate Auction Tracker on Item

The auction tracker on this page: Needs to be removed, the item is No Drop and the auction tracker lists the same person listing the same price for it. Thanks --Baler (talk) 18:31, 7 October 2015 (UTC)

Hate 2.0 loot on Innoruuk can't be added

Pexar here , I have tried and still updated Hate 2.0 on all the mobs in Plane of Hate , But I can't due to some of the pages have locks on them . If you can let us fix pages like those or pages to add mobs like Thurg main page , It would help alot so I can keep updating stuff . Thanks ! --Fouts85 (talk) 22:16, 23 March 2016 (UTC)

Needing to add a new NPC to Kael

Pexar here , I found a new NPC that can't be added with the tool , Icecrafter Leyreon from Plate Cycle in Keal . If you can made a page for him it would be great . Thanks!! --Fouts85 (talk) 05:29 , 5 April 2016 (UTC)

Any chance of new Administrators for the Wiki ?

Pexar here , I was wondering if we could get a new one that's active on P99 , I keep getting asked on my guild to edit changes on locked pages and well I can't do that . And would LOVE to update and put info into those pages , Hope to hear back from you soon about it . --Fouts85 (talk) 16:47 , 18 June 2016 (UTC)

Also wondering if we could get a new active mod. I would love to be that mod if possible. Zosymandias (talk) 18:16, 18 July 2017 (UTC)

Need some help unlocked Hate 2.0 loot to the Wiki

Pexar here , I been getting reports and screenshots of the Hate 2.0 loot in the game , But everytime I tend to update the mobs with the loot it claims " None " on the preview etc . Is there a way to start merging the NPC's in the wiki for this change , I been looking up how to do this and seem to be at wits end . Please help when you can --Fouts85 (talk) 6:09 , 21 August 2016 (UTC)

Hi, I don't think there is actually a problem here. You cannot click "Edit" next to a section (e.g. "Known Loot"), because this tries to edit the NamedMobPage template, for which there is no need.
If you just click "Edit" at the very top of the page (for any mob), you can edit it fine. --Ravhin (talk) 11:19, 21 August 2016 (UTC)

Articles for Deletion in need of some attention

There are quite a few pages that are in need of deletion, including numerous non-classic items and old magelos. I saw that you are inactive right now, but would you have a moment to go through these, Ravhin? Any help would be greatly appreciated. --Roguebis (talk) 03:53, 24 August 2016 (UTC)

Hi, I would encourage you to remove the "in need of deletion" and replace it with Does Not Exist, which many many pages already use, and it's more informative than actually deleting the page. --Ravhin (talk) 13:21, 2 September 2016 (UTC)
Thank you, Ravhin. Do you have any recommendations on how to delete my old magelos? I had a little too much fun and made a number of them to test builds awhile back; I would like to delete most of mine. --Roguebis (talk) 19:31, 4 September 2016 (UTC)
Hi, I made you an Administrator so that you should now be able to delete pages that need it, thanks! --Ravhin (talk) 08:54, 5 September 2016 (UTC)
Hi Ravhin. We have some articles containing non-P99 content which I'd like to remove if possible. Could I also request administrator access please? Nyclin (talk) 23:59, 6 September 2016 (UTC)

Ravhin, Is it kosher to flag something with the Does Not Exist tag and then remove the Category tag? My goal is to get mobs and equipment that doesn't exist in p99 timeline to disappear from the DynamicZoneList. I don't know if the category tag or the 'zone' the mob is in populates this list actually. I don't want to do that if that is something you would like left to the admins to manage. Currently the Hole has a TON of inaccurate info in the dynamic lists that are from the Luclin era revamp that I want to remove from there ASAP as it confuses people looking at the zone info on the wiki. Wedar (talk) 10:37, 28 November 2016 (UTC)

Sup bud

Maximum (talk) 21:03, 11 January 2017 (UTC)

Sup again! Maximum (talk) 17:23, 25 October 2019 (UTC)

Search function

is there any chance we can change the search functionality to return pages regardless of capitalization? Zosymandias (talk) 4:44 PM, 6/28/2017 (EST)

Hey, the search box (on the left) does seem to work for me, case-insensitive. Maybe you mean something else? --Ravhin (talk) 20:58, 28 June 2017 (UTC)

Talking specifically about the drop down list. The first letter is case-insensitive but any follow up letter needs to be correctly capitalized, ex "coldain Prayer" and "Coldain Prayer" will bring up the Coldain Prayer Shawl Quests for auto correction, yet "coldain prayer" will not. Zosymandias (talk) 20:49, 29 June 2017 (UTC)

Pages w/ Missing Auction Tracker Boxes

I've been trying to log and upload to keep the price tracker up and running but finding items that don't have the price tracker box on them ([[6]] Happy to update them as I find them I'm just not sure what to edit to get it to pop up!

--Helpr (talk) 17:55, 17 August 2017 (UTC)

Should be working now for Celestial Healing, thanks for reporting. --Ravhin (talk) 11:47, 21 August 2017 (UTC)

Is there a way for me to make this change myself as I find them or should I just reply to this section with new items missing a price box?

Some more examples (items that are MQ'd this time): (though this would need to be split into the KC and Chardok version since prices are very different) --Helpr (talk) 17:49, 22 August 2017 (UTC)

This is something I have to work on for each missing item, but for some of these difficult ones it is going to be tough. --Ravhin (talk) 10:01, 23 August 2017 (UTC)

Ok I'll just start and maintain a list here as I see things that need the pricing information attached to it. --Helpr (talk) 22:58, 23 August 2017 (UTC)

List of Pages that need price info on them:

--Helpr (talk) 20:52, 25 August 2017 (UTC)

All the Netted Kelp Armor pages are missing their tracker boxes btw. --Feydain (talk) 01:17, 20 March 2018 (UTC)


There's no info on the main page, but based on the edit history I'm assuming you're an admin on the wiki.

Is there a way to remove the out of bound item prices. I've recently started uploading auction data but notice a lot of items have 0 values or really high values skewing the graphs.

Is there a delay or approval process to when characters are linked to their guild in the magelo tracker main page, I made a page for my character but he doesn't show up under the guild or class page.

Also is there a way to delete erroneously made magelo characters, I made a duplicate by mistake.

--Feydain (talk) 20:11, 16 January 2018 (UTC)

Hi Feydain. Briefly: I've run a cleaning on prices, but in general this functionality isn't available, for many reasons. For delays, yes there is a (up to) 7 day cache, this is important for performance reasons. And as for deleting Magelo pages, any admin can help out, including User:Loramin (maybe active most now on the wiki), we just need a list. --Ravhin (talk) 20:44, 16 January 2018 (UTC)

Thanks for the info, I'll try to make a list of empty Magelo profiles.

Could you look at the item "Talisen, Bow of the Trailblazer" it has no auction box, not sure if this is because of the comma in the name being a special character and messing up the log parsing or not. --Feydain (talk) 19:13, 23 January 2018 (UTC)

I added a special case for this, should work now (if you can upload a log with a price in it). --Ravhin (talk) 10:09, 24 January 2018 (UTC)

Thanks for the fixes, found a few more broke auction items, Club of the Ice Ocean, and Knotted Turtle Bone Ring, and Kobold Bone Gauntlets --Feydain (talk) 16:24, 27 January 2018 (UTC)

MARCH 2018 updated Pages w/ Missing Auction Tracker Boxes

Hey Ravhin -- Is there anyone else I should be pinging about these missing auction tracker boxes? All the other auction tracking mechanisms don't ever last very long so the wiki parsing tool is probably the best we got... If it's something that you can show me how to do, I'm happy to take point on fixing any pages that are missing them.

List of Pages that need price info on them:

--Helpr (talk) 21:37, 12 March 2018 (UTC)

Scraping Utility

The item creation part of the Scraping Utility has broken in some way, creates pages without stats block info. Zosymandias (talk) 13:10, 29 October 2018 (UTC)

Hey, yes it was always inevitable - all the scrapers pull stuff from all kinds of websites, I'm actually amazed they have all stayed online since I made these years ago. I had hoped that we would be essentially done/'complete' before it happened. I will take a look and see if perhaps it is just a minor modification to one of the data sources, but eventually (once all EQ websites other than p99 are dead) we'll have to make all additions manually. --Ravhin (talk) 13:15, 29 October 2018 (UTC)
Easy fix for this. --Ravhin (talk) 21:07, 29 October 2018 (UTC)

Item Stats missing in Class > By slot equipment lists

Been looking into this for a day or 2 and can't seem to figure out why some items stats just don't import into those tables.

For example the Rune Etched Wedding Band does not list any stats on the Rogue finger slot table.

Any thoughts on why this might be? Any fixes others can complete to get these items to show properly?--Vanifac (talk) 01:56, 22 October 2019 (UTC)

Fixed the problem here, and also added a "pre-Kunark" filter (for Green). --Ravhin (talk) 10:45, 22 October 2019 (UTC)

Issue is still pretty common across a lot of the class/slot pages. Pretty easy to spot a few if you sort by WT on these pages. Shadowknight/Primary is a good example.--Vanifac (talk) 02:50, 25 October 2019 (UTC)

Hi, this is just percolating through the cache - will take another 5 days to fix all pages. --Ravhin (talk) 12:43, 25 October 2019 (UTC)

Auction Tracker Price Manipulation

There are a few people that try to manipulate average prices on the P99 Wiki by selling items for way above the price people are willing to pay. This alters the average enough that eventually, it doesn't seem too extreme and they can make money off of the average change they forced. Is this something we want to try to remove/discourage or allow it to happen as an acceptable form of making money off of EC tunnel? An example is Caros (and recently created Anticaros to try to counter his manipulation).

Do you mean by excluding certain character names? I hadn't thought of that, but can do it easily if you make me a list. Filtering numbers based on being statistical outliers is harder, involves too much load/queries on the server when people submit a log. --Ravhin (talk) 19:08, 9 October 2020 (UTC)

Just excluding character names. The only one that I am aware of that constantly does it is Caros. If you look at most popular high-priced items you'll see he posts daily in amounts that are normally 10-20% higher than average to bring up the average. Most people I know have him on ignore, but it still populates the wiki. Anticaros would probably disappear if Caros were to be omitted. -- Kaejer (talk) 19:10, 9 October 2020 (UTC)

I don't know if you're still considering this or not, but there appears to be another person trying to manipulate prices at an even more extreme to Caros. His name is Dabbo and sells items for roughly double average price. -- Kaejer (talk) 3:55, 3 November 2020 (UTC)

Hey back

It's been about 1.5 years since I played Blue. I have some characters on Green, but they're like level 10 (I played on launch weekend but stopped). I am busy with IRL mostly. I also am editing Wikipedia EN these days. I'll come out of hibernation someday! Maximum (talk) 19:55, 14 December 2020 (UTC)

Auction Tracker Missing Items

Hey Ravhin, I've noticed in the past some missing items posted on your discussion and just seeing some now. I'm not well versed in PHP, but is there an item list that can be manually edited by admins to add in missing items that could have an Auction Tracker? Or is it a dynamically generated list that can't be manually adjusted? Kaejer (talk) 05:54, 18 December 2020 (UTC)

Hi, it is not super clear to me why some items are missing. It is not (always) that they aren't included in a master list, but sometimes because the hacky coding skips various lines in logs for various reasons, etc. If you have 1 or 2 examples I will take a look again. If you want I am also happy to send you the code, so you can take a look. --Ravhin (talk) 14:22, 18 December 2020 (UTC)

Yeah sure, the two that I was noticing recently are linked below. Gnarled Staff for a MQ and the other for standard sales. I could take a look at the code, but being that it's probably pretty complicated I'm guessing I won't be able to find whatever issue it is. Kaejer (talk) 18:41, 18 December 2020 (UTC)

1. Gnarled Staff
2. Targishin's Bone Mask

Hi, think I fixed those two. The first had an empty/bad cache, so I improved how this works a bit. The second was missing from the list, so it should now appear once some prices get uploaded. --Ravhin (talk) 11:28, 19 December 2020 (UTC)

Pad Mob Levels (for sorting) [Solved]

Can we pad mob levels with zeros so that they actually sort properly by level on the zone pages. I've run into this repeatedly as I explore looking for zones to adventure in, I open a zone, sort by level to see if there are sufficient things around my level to kill and notice that nothing is sorting properly because the mob level's are different lengths. Happy to get started myself... I also wonder if there's a way we can keep the left padded zero for sorting but format it better on the page (i.e. with an extension: --Willis (talk) 15:46, 14 January 2021 (UTC)

Can you provide a specific example of what you mean? I went to a few zones and sorted mobs by level, things looked ok. --Ravhin (talk) 15:54, 14 January 2021 (UTC)
Sure, a good example is Ocean_of_Tears, the level 4 reef shark, or Sister of Erollisi show up in places based on the sorting of the numerical characters based on place rather than quantity. --Willis (talk) 03:49, 15 January 2021 (UTC)
I have added the sort mode number to the Level column, seems to be an improvement. Is it good? Zones other than OoT will take a few days to refresh. --Ravhin (talk) 08:58, 15 January 2021 (UTC)
That's perfect, thanks! Yeah I figured some sort of sorting filter would be better than left-padding all levels with zeros. --Willis (talk) 21:17, 15 January 2021 (UTC)

Lune's Continental Maps!

Hello Ravhin! I hope you are doing well. I am currently running a game of Dungeons and Dragons based heavily on the world of Norrath. While looking for some old zone maps to use as references I stumbled upon Lune's Continental Maps that you had uploaded. I recognize the maps as being made on and was curious if you would have a link for them. These maps are amazing and I would love to use them in my campaign, however I would like to make a couple of edits to help fit my world better. For me to say I'm not an artist is an understatement and having these to work with would be an AMAZING boon!

I very much appreciate your time and wish you all the best.


--DM-Regret (talk) 01:01, 3 February 2021 (UTC)

Hey I remember they were from the p99 forum, you can hopefully still contact Lune there. --Ravhin (talk) 08:37, 3 February 2021 (UTC)

Thank you very much for your timely response. Best wishes to you and yours!

--DM-Regret (talk) 00:32, 4 February 2021 (UTC)

Chardok Revamp Era

Hey Ravhin, I was trying to cleanup some of the Era stuff and I noticed there's some kind of issue with the Chardok Revamp Era. It looks like maybe it's because there are 2 categories - ChardokRevamp Era and Chardok Revamp Era (with and without the space). The Inline version of ChardokRevamp Era is in the link below, but it seems like most things are using Chardok Revamp Era. I can't figure out how to realign this since it's the one that has been used the most and having the two separate categories will probably cause a split in data. There's probably a template that allows me to change this somewhere and I just can't find it. Any ideas?

Era Templates

-- Kaejer (talk) 02:37, 13 March 2021 (UTC)

Too bad about that, it seems that the page you linked is a newer and more comprehensive "era" tagging than we originally started with, as described under Help:Contents#Marking Different Era's. I would suggest to change and/or delete parts of the latter, to point to (and be consistent with) the newer system (including the space in Chardok Revamp). The cleanest way to update this tag in particular would just be to edit the pages that use ChardokRevamp to instead use the newer tag. --Ravhin (talk) 16:48, 13 March 2021 (UTC)

Item Scraping Utility is broken again

Hey Rahvin, was just looking to add in some items that were missing and the item scraper appears to have taken a dump again. Searching "Ivory Handled Cleaver" returns at item found on Lucy but the copy paste window returns just an "0".

--Vanifac (talk) 06:09, 22 March 2021 (UTC)

Unfortunately it seems that some of the old Allakhazaam websites have moved to a Cloudflare/DDOS protection type service. This makes accessing those pages in an automated manner in the scripts nearly impossible. Hopefully this is just temporary and things will return to normal in the future. --Ravhin (talk) 08:55, 22 March 2021 (UTC)

Pages With Broken File Links

It looks like there's something weird going on with Category:Pages_with_broken_file_links. It seems like sometimes it updates pages after they have been fixed with a few days, but then there are some such as A petrifier cockatrice that have had a last update of November 2020 and still is listed in the category with broken file links. Is there some way to update the list? -- Kaejer (talk) 22:41, 10 May 2021 (UTC)

I've since found out that Category:Pages_with_broken_file_links will update with any update to the individual pages of any kind. So if the image is uploaded it will remove the tag from the page, but it will not update the broken file link category because the image page changed and not the page with the actual image link. -- Kaejer (talk) 23:11, 27 May 2021 (UTC)

Yes that's good, makes sense. They will eventually filter off that page as they are edited. I think there is a maintenance script which can be run to force update this, but I won't try to figure this out unless it becomes necessary. --Ravhin (talk) 08:02, 28 May 2021 (UTC)

Unable to Edit any Itempage that has an ItemBox

I am somewhat familiar with mediawiki markup but I am having trouble making edits to certain pages. Specifically, Itempage that have an ItemBox. If I try to make any alteration to them, I can 'Preview Changes' and it looks good. But when I click on Saved Changes, I get an HTTP 500 site not responding. I am able to make successful edits to other pages like NPCs and Quests. but not Items? Hopefully this is just my user error and not knowing the proper method to do it. I tried to read about the Utils + Scraper to create pages but had some difficulties understanding the steps. Regardless, I should still be able to edit existing item pages right?

Additional Question - If someone is creating Item pages, without the use of Template creating Utils+Scraper, could that be causing these pages to break?

-Steve, the Cleric (Divinity)

SteveTheDreamer (talk) 12:51, 20 May 2021 (UTC)

An error 500 shouldn't ever happen. Can you provide one or a few example pages where this happens? --Ravhin (talk) 15:47, 21 May 2021 (UTC)
Here are some examples. , , SteveTheDreamer (talk)

Butting in here for a minute because I've had 2-3 people in my guild that have the same issue. They get a 500 error if they try to add or edit an image on all itempages. I tried to troubleshoot some things with them and nothing worked. If you need a specific example, a guild member tried to add an image to Priceless Velium Knight's Sword on 4/18/2021 at 5:39 pm EDT and the he got the error.--Kaejer (talk) 01:18, 23 May 2021 (UTC)

Unfortunately I cannot reproduce this, I can edit these pages fine. Do you currently get this error on these pages? Or do these errors only randomly appear? --Ravhin (talk) 09:09, 23 May 2021 (UTC)
Yes, I currently get this error on these pages. 100% of the time. I just tried clearing my cache/cookies and logging in again but it didnt help. SteveTheDreamer (talk) 18:15, 23 May 2021 (UTC)

From the 3 guildies that have the issue, it's 100% of the time on all itempages when they are trying to change anything with an image or adding an image. I can ask them for information if you have any idea of what might be causing it. --Kaejer (talk) 16:55, 23 May 2021 (UTC)

This Page isn't working Error 500

Whenever I'm trying to change an existing entry or add a new one I'm getting an error 500. Error_500.png --Bigcountry23 (talk) 15:53, 26 May 2021 (UTC)

I just tried this and everything worked ok. I made Large Sky Sapphire (Enchanter) and separated this from the wizard version. Did you try multiple times? I can only think that the error is random and maybe occurs when the server is under heavy load, or else for some reason I don't have a problem when creating/editing with my account. --Ravhin (talk) 16:29, 26 May 2021 (UTC)

Out of curiosity, can I ask what Web Browser you use? I still have this issue too using Chrome and starting to wonder if browser client is a culprit. Adblock? Plugin? idk SteveTheDreamer (talk) 15:56, 27 May 2021 (UTC)

I'm having this issue as well when attempting to create a new item page. I've tried 3 different nights, I get the error on Edge and just a white screen and no loading on FireFox. --Vanifac (talk) 21:33, 29 May 2021 (UTC)

Found and fixed an issue with the Auction Tracker trying to add its information. Perhaps resolves this? Please check. --Ravhin (talk) 13:32, 6 June 2021 (UTC)

Showing Dmg/Delay in the "Secondary" Equipment lists

I'm unfamiliar with how to edit the special pages / probably don't have rights. Would it be possible to add in the "Dmg/Delay" column on the "Secondary" slot equipment lists? It's shown on all of the other slot lists that can contain weapons. --Vanifac (talk) 21:36, 2 June 2021 (UTC)

Fixed! Just a typo in the code. Impressive this wasn't spotted for so many years... --Ravhin (talk) 07:58, 3 June 2021 (UTC)

Broken Link to Gamparse

Link on the auction tracker page to Gamparse leads to a "domain for sale" page - best alt link I found was

-- Yrzep (talk) 23:56, 9 September 2021 (UTC)

Thanks, fixed. May take a bit to appear. --Ravhin (talk) 08:58, 18 September 2021 (UTC)

"Race Line*: {{{race_line}}}" in some (most?) merchant pages

In the info box it's showing "Race Line*: {{{race_line}}}". It appears to be specific to merchant pages though I haven't dug into other templates.

EDIT: Looks to be related to the recent changes to Template:Mobstatsbox but I haven't been able to find an example of it outside of merchants so far.

--Vanifac (talk) 01:00, 2 November 2021 (UTC)

Looks like changes by User:Loramin, can you contact him to fix it (i.e. display only when relevant)? --Ravhin (talk) 09:02, 2 November 2021 (UTC)

Done! Thanks!

--Vanifac (talk) 17:52, 2 November 2021 (UTC)

delete page request

Hey, Ravhin,

Can you delete this page? I buggered up a magelo- thanks.

--Espie (talk) 17:43, 6 January 2022 (UTC)

Magelo Namespace

Would there be a way to associate all of the Magelos with a single name space so it's easy to filter it all out in the Recent Changes page?

--Vanifac (talk) 20:49, 21 July 2022 (UTC)