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Note: Ongoing discussion for improvements or changes to the wiki can be found at the User_talk:Ravhin (current) or Help_talk:Contents (archived).


The purpose of this wiki is to house a central source of information related to Classic Everquest as it exists on Project 1999. The community will greatly benefit from a single, unified source of information which isn't contaminated by post-Velious changes (e.g. zone revamps, item upgrades, game mechanics changes) or the hassle of tracking things down through archived sources (e.g. internet time machine).

The wiki should be relevant, dynamic, and useful. Personally I would like to see it stay more organic and less database driven. The wiki should evolve with the players and so its content should reflect that of the most interest to the community. Notes should be made when things have changed in the past or will change in the future (e.g. zone revamps, quest changes, new content pending).

General FAQ

  • What is Project 1999?
    • Project 1999 is the name of a EQEmulator Server Project.
  • Why use and build this Wiki? There are several websites regarding EverQuest and its contents.
    • Because Project 1999 differs from the live version of EverQuest.
  • Where can I get general help for the wiki software?
    • Consult the User's Guide for information on using Mediawiki.
  • What if I have questions about how to do / format something?
    • The talk pages are the perfect place for this. If you see another user has been working in a similar area you can discuss on their talk page. Otherwise, you can discuss general formatting questions on Help_talk:Contents.
  • How do I add an item?
    • See below.
  • How do I add a NPC / mob?
    • See below.
  • How do I add a quest?
    • See below.
  • How do I add a spell?
    • See below.
  • How do I add a faction page?
    • See below.
  • What is the best way to help / the area to contribute to?
    • 1. Missing NPC Pages
    • 2. Whatever you are most interested in
  • Why can't I edit the main page?
    • It was locked to prevent vandalism. You can propose changes on Talk:Main Page.
  • What is with Special:ClassSlotEquip? How can I edit it?
    • This is a work in progress at more advanced, dynamic, allakhazam like functionality. The contents of these pages are automatically generated by querying the wiki DB and parsing the results. It's written in PHP and so cannot be edited in the normal wiki sense. If you're interested in helping development write me at User talk:Ravhin.
  • What is with the Magelo pages? How does that work?


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Formatting Guidelines

Since this is a wiki, with a small editing community, feel free to make any changes you feel would be beneficial. Before you make a modification to a certain type of page (of which there are many) or start a new project and create a page (of which there will be many), commit to standardizing/completing that change. The existing formatting guidelines are below, but are always subject to change.


An example is The Crushbone Zone. For Related Quests I've only been putting in those quests starting in that particular zone. The template for the zone header box for outdoor/dungeon zones is:

Level of Monsters: ... ... ... ... ...
Types of Monsters: ... ... ... ... ...
Notable NPC's: ... ... ... ... ...
Unique Items: ... ... ... ... ...
Related Quests: ... ... ... ... ...
Adjacent Zones: ... ... ... ... ...

For cities the template for the header is:

City Races: ... ... ... ... ...
Guilds: ... ... ... ... ...
Tradeskill Facilities: ... ... ... ... ...
Related Quests: ... ... ... ... ...
Adjacent Zones: ... ... ... ... ...

Class Pages

All class pages are pretty much standardized to the following layout. Many are still missing the FAQ section. Good examples are: Necromancer, Druid, or Bard Class Pages.

Proposed class page format:

  • Description
  • Creation Guide (Stats / Race / Religion)
  • Spell List By Level
  • Skill List (Specialization / Combat / Casting / Other)
  • Class Specific Quests
  • Class Gear Suggestions
  • FAQ


Automatically generated based on pages on, and You can use Rav's Spell Util to add new spell pages following the Template:Spellpage. Can add additional information or comments under the description tag. For an example see Lull.

Most all player spells have been added, though you may want to add additional item effect / NPC related spells (use Rav's Util).

Note that "NPC Only Spell" also means "Item Only Spell".


Adding Items

It's important to stick to the format. Which, unfortunately, is quite complicated.

The best way to add an item is to

  1. create a link to it (from a quest page, zone page, NPC page, ...)
  2. follow the link to the new, blank page
  3. use Rav's ItemPage Util to generate the page contents
  4. copy+paste the contents into the new page (may have to upload icon if it isn't already on the wiki)
  5. review for any changes (typically, quest names are the only thing wrong/inconsistent with the wiki) and submit

Misc Info

See the Template:Itempage and Template:Itembox. A prototypical example is Dragoon Dirk Item Page.


Item categories are:

This allows us to see a list of all items for a particular class, or all items for a particular slot.

Note: Item effects (procs or right-clicks) should be normally linked. The scraper now does this automatically.

Item Hover Boxes

You can either make a normal wiki link to an item:

[[Dragoon Dirk]] produces the following link: Dragoon Dirk

Or, you can make a link with the following syntax, where mouseover pops up the stats box for that item:

{{:Dragoon Dirk}} produces the following link:
Dragoon Dirk
Dragoon Dirk
Item 574.png

Skill: Piercing Atk Delay: 23
DMG: 6
DEX: +2
WT: 2.5 Size: SMALL
Race: ALL

Note: This works in tables, though not in mediawiki syntax bullet/numbered lists (using asterisks or pound symbols). Bad things happen when you try this! But, you can make this work in a list by using html tags for the list, i.e.

<ul><li> Item One
</li><li> Item Two
</li><li> {{:Dragoon Dirk}}

Note: The item hover boxes on Allakhazam are nice. They're based on javascript and fetching the target item pages dynamically. May try to change to this system in the future. Would be a lot of work though.


A prototypical example is the Harvester Quest. The top of the page template is currently:

Starts In: ... ... ... ... ...
Quest Giver: ... ... ... ... ...
Minimum Level: ... ... ... ... ...
Classes: ... ... ... ... ...
Related Zones: ... ... ... ... ...
Related NPCs: ... ... ... ... ...

After which the sections should be (in order): Reward, Dialogue. Then anything else unique to this quest.

The scraper now supports quests, you can use Rav's Quest Util.

Named Mobs

See the Template:Namedmobpage. A prototypical example is Ambassador DVinn Named Mob Page.

We should keep 'a', 'an', 'The' prefixes. This will ensure consistency with data sources that are tied to actual DBs. These days prefix and capitalization conventions have not been strictly followed. However, if a mob page is made without its prefix or with a capitalization that differs from ingame (e.g. capitalizing each word), then make sure that variations of the page title REDIRECT to the newly made page, especially if there are any pre-existing inbound links.

Drop Frequency Labels
"Always" 100%
"Common" >= 50%
"Uncommon" >= 25%
"Rare" >= 5%
"Ultra Rare" < 5%

Note: These are either best estimates or calculated directly from NPC loot tables, in which case the value is [Table #] (Table Multiplier) x (Table %) (Drop %). That is, the last three numbers multiplied together give the chance of that particular item dropping on any given kill.

Adding Mobs

Adding mobs is the same as adding items. The template is slightly complicated, so best to use Rav's NamedMobPage Util to generate the initial page. Unfortunately, it is parsing more pages which are more complicated than for items, so mistakes are frequent. Please review before uploading!

Raid Encounters (Mobs)

Raid encounters (high level, end game mobs) follow the same format as normal mobs. The only difference in the inclusion of the Category:Raid Encounters at the bottom.

And the description may contain extra information about strategy, special abilities, etc. An example is the Cazic Thule Raid Encounter Mob Page.


See a template at Template:Factionpage.

All factions have been added through Kunark so it is unlikely you'll need to add another. In any case the scraper generates these pages, based primarily on allakhazam data.

You can use Rav's FactionPage Util.


See a template at Template:Spellpage.

Zone Categories

See the complete list at Category:Zones. All zone categories have been added through Velious, so if you add a new page and the zone category link is red, please find the correct spelling and change it.

Marking Different Era's

For a collection of all Era Tags see Category:Era Templates

Classic and Kunark Era Tags

The scraper now attempts to add these automatically to mob, quest, and item pages (as it does for "Velious Era"). However, these were an afterthought. Whereas the Velious Era tags should be 100% complete, Template:Classic Era and Template:Kunark Era tags are not complete.

Kunark Content

Kunark has been released, but the Template:KunarkGray formatting was not globally disabled since there is some intermediate content (post-Kunark pre-Velious), for example The Hole and Class Epics. So if links to Kunark content still show in gray, please remove the formatting, when that content becomes live on p99. Use Template:HoleVP Era tag for content release around The Hole Launch / VP opening.

Velious Content

Velious has been released, but it is still important to put the Template:Velious Era at the top of all Velious pages.

Note that the "Item By Class/Slot" function allows you to show only pre-Velious, only post-Velious, or all eras.

Post-Velious Content

Two big post-Velious changes can be marked with either Template:Stonebrunt Era, Template:Chardok Revamp Era, or Template:WarrensFearHateRevamp Era. The first should be used for any changes occuring around the time Chardok 2.0 or Stonebrunt Mountains was introduced. The second for anything occuring around the Fear/Hate 2.0 revamp or the introduction of the Warrens. See Players:EQLive Timeline for details.

Non-Classic Content

In the few cases where non-classic (that is, will never exist on p1999) content can be easily confused with classic zones, mobs, quests, etc - you can add the {{:Does Not Exist}} tag. Please include an explanation below the tag.

p99 Verified Content

Can use the {{p1999}} tag on individual lines which are verified true on p99. For instance, that a particular item drops from a particular mob or zone, that an item is sold by a particular merchant, that the mob HP or melee damage stats are correct, etc.

Wiki Maintenance

To move a page, e.g. to follow capitalization conventions, just click "Move" at the top. Note that this creates a Redirect page at the old location (this is good, leave it).

For requests to delete pages, add the {{Delete}} tags. For lists of pages pending in this category, see: