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Skill Abjuration

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Abjuration is the casting skill mainly associated with buffs.


Class Trainable Cap Until 50 Cap Above 50
Cleric Level 1 235 235
Druid Level 1 235 235
Enchanter Level 1 235 235
Magician Level 1 235 235
Necromancer. Level 1 235 235
Paladin Level 9 235 235
Ranger Level 9 235 235
Shadow Knight Level 9 235 235
Shaman Level 1 235 235
Wizard Level 1 235 235


Classes that can train Abjuration can do so intentionally by repeat casting the following spell.

Remember to have your Wis or Int as high as possible, respective to your classes main mana stat.

These spells are based on what is fastest and then cheapest to cast for max casts per hour.

Class Level Spell Target
Cleric Level 1 Courage Self
Druid Level 1 Endure Fire Self
Enchanter Level 1 Minor Shielding Self
Magician Level 1 Minor Shielding Self
Necromancer. Level 1 Minor Shielding Self
Paladin Level 9 Courage Self
Ranger Level 9 Endure Fire Self
Shadow Knight Level 15 Endure Cold Self
Shaman Level 1 Endure Cold Self
Wizard Level 1 Minor Shielding Self
Spell: AbjurationAlterationChannelingConjurationDivinationEvocationMeditateSpecialization
Specialize: AbjurationSpecialize: AlterationSpecialize: ConjurationSpecialize: DivinationSpecialize: Evocation
Weapon: Archery1H Slash1H Blunt2H Slash2H BluntPiercing2H PiercingThrowing
Combat: BashBlockDefenseDisarmDodgeDouble AttackDual WieldHand to HandHarm Touch
IntimidationKickLay on HandsOffenseParryRiposteSlamTaunt
Rogue: BackstabApply PoisonDisarm TrapsPick LockPick PocketSense Traps
Monk: Dragon PunchEagle StrikeFeign DeathFlying KickMendRound KickSafe FallTail Rake (Iksar)Tiger Claw
Bard: Brass InstrumentsPercussionStringed InstrumentsWind InstrumentsSinging
Non-Combat: Alcohol ToleranceBeggingBind WoundFishingForagingHide (Evade)Sense HeadingSneakSwimmingTracking