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Skill Bind Wound

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Bandage your wounds to heal some damage, consuming a Bandages or similar item. Bind Wound takes approximately 10 seconds, and is interrupted if the user attacks or is attacked.[1]

Healing Amount

With a skill of 200 or less, Bind Wounds heals 1 HP per 4 skill points, for a max of 50 HP at 200 skill. At 201 skill or above, the formula is 1 HP per 2.5 points of Bind Wound, for a max of 84 HP at 210 skill.

Bind Wounds is limited to healing a maximum of 50% of the target's total health, or 70% if the user has 201+ skill.

Maneater Plant Salve heals +4 to +8 more than bandages per heal. This is more expensive than a standard bandages. You may only purchase this in Cabilis, or from the merchants on the immediate outskirts - the "newbie zone" merchants. One cleric reports healing 91 HP using the salve.

Maximum Skill

Every character is limited to a maximum skill of (Level * 5) + 5. In addition, each class has its own maximums; only some classes can exceed 200 (and reach 70% max HP):

Class Max < 51 Max 51+ 201 (70% of Max HP) Level Notes
Monk 200 210 51
Shaman 200 210 56
Cleric 200 210 56
Druid 200 210 56
Paladin 200 210 57
Rogue 175 210 57
Warrior 175 210 57 increases 4 per level after 50
Ranger 100 200 Never
Shadow Knight 100 200 Never
Bard 100 200 Never
Enchanter 100 Never
Magician 100 Never
Necromancer 100 Never
Wizard 100 Never


Buy a lot of Bandages and head to Lavastorm Mountains. Stand in shallow lava until you are low health and then move out of the lava. Begin using Bind Wound until you no longer can. Repeat for skill ups. Be careful not to kill yourself in the lava. Fire resist does affect how much damage you take in lava.

  • Having a large hit point buff can allow for more bind wound attempts below 50% hp.
  • Casters can damage themselves with a damage spell to lower their health
  • Shaman can cannibalize their health below 50%
  • Falling from a great height causes fall damage, being encumbered increases the damage you take.
  • Drowning under water damages hit points very quickly.
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