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Abbreviations Glossary

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Jargon develops around the need for shortened representations of in-game phenomena. Without the formation of this jargon, communicating various events inside the game world becomes tedious and even impossible in some scenarios. As shown above (grouping, soloing, raiding, pulling, etc.), EverQuest has its own jargon.

Abbreviations and acronyms also may aid, or at least shorten, communication among players. Examples include SoW (Spirit of Wolf - a popular spell which accelerates run or walk speed), C (an acronym for Clarity - another popular spell which accelerates mana regeneration), "rez" (Resurrect - any of several spells or abilities cast on a corpse to summon the player to it, often restoring lost experience points). "Crack" refers to mana regeneration spells such as Clarity. Additionally, a "mezz" (noun or verb, short for "mesmerize") refers to an ability that several classes and mobs have: the ability to render a target momentarily unable to act in any way, until the mezz wears off or the target sustains damage, which will instantly break the mezz.

Nerf refers to game balance changes when they reduce the impact of a particular power. DKP (Dragon kill points), a raid loot distribution method, originated in Everquest, and is now used within the game World of Warcraft. Proc (short for "Programmed Random OCcurence" by which an item's effect is generated) and Farm are credited as coming to WoW from EQ. Some terms have made their way into EQ from other games, such as the term zerg from the computer game StarCraft--used when a raid's main strategy is to overwhelm an enemy by sheer force of numbers. Monsters are sometimes called mobs, a shorthand term for "mobile", meaning a computer controlled character in the game world; this is a practice that started in MUDs. Another example of this jargon can be seen in the word "Con" (consider).

While mostly consistent throughout the entire EQ community, there was also some differences in jargon among servers, and among Asian, European and American gaming communities. In-game chat may prove quite impenetrable to anyone who has not played EQ extensively.

List of abbreviations

Abbreviation Meaning Notes
AC Armor Class / Ancient Cyclops (Ocean of Tears, South Ro) / Ancient Croc (Upper Guk) Increase with level and AC gear. Zone
ADD Additional mob Needs a Tanking, Mezzing or Parking
AFAIK As Far As I Know You're being honest about something
AFK Away From Keyboard A message can be placed after /afk to auto reply to sender
AGGRO Aggression mob is angry, degree of mob anger
AGI Agility Increases with buffs and gear
AGRO Aggression mob is angry, degree of mob anger
ANON Anonymous Hides Level and Class
AOE Area of Effect (aka AE) spell line that hits targets within an area rather than target only
AoW Avatar of War Mob in Keal
ASAP As Soon As Possible Chat
ATK Attack / Attack Power Stat
BA Blood Ember SK Armour
BAR Barbarian Race
BB Butcherblock Mountains / Blackburrow Zone
BD Blue Diamond Trade skill ingredients
BLUE Blue con / EXP Mob level rating compared to yours. Also displays faction with the NPC targeted
BP Breastplate Armor
BRB Be Right Back Chat
BRD Bard Class
BRT Be Right There Chat
BTM Blue to Me refers to /con of PC/NPC
BTW By The Way Chat
BUB Bubble refers to visual representation of HPs, mana, exp,etc
BW Burning Woods Zone
C C1 C2 Clarity/Clarity II Enchanter buff for mana regen aka "crack"
CAMO Camouflage Invisibility
CB Crushbone Zone
CC Crystal Caverns / Crowd Control / Camp Check (when posed as a question) Zone / Off Tanking, Parking, Mezzing / Used when someone want to know what camps are open in a zone
CE Castle Entrance (Mistmoore)
CH Complete Healing Cleric 7500hp heal
CHA Charisma Stat Buff
COAT Thistlecoat, Barbcoat, Bramblecoat... Ranger, Druid Buff
CoM City of Mist Zone
CON /consider Check level compared to yours and faction with an NPC
CoV Claws of Veeshan A faction of dragons that inhabit Velious.
CR Corpse Retrieval You getting your corpse back
CR Cold Resistance Your resistance to cold. Increased by Items, Buffs and Bard songs.
CRIT Critical Hit A random melee or spell hit that does additional damage.
CS Cobalt Scar Zone
CT Cazic Thule server, deity, raid target
CT Temple of Cazic Thule Zone
DC Dagnor's Cauldron Zone
DD Direct Damage aka "burn" or "nuke", a spell that immediately applies an amount of damage. contrast with DoT (Damage over Time)
DEF Dark Elf Race
DEX Dexterity Stat
DF Darkforge SK armour
DING Just Leveled You get new spells and better stats, HP, Mana pool
DKP Dragon-Kill Points system of distributing loot, assigns point value to mobs killed; points spent to "buy" loot
DL Dreadlands Zone
DLY Delay Weapon speed
DMF Dead Man Floating Necro Spell
DMG Damage Damage done to NPC by weapons or spells
DOT Damage Over Time Spell damage over a period of time such as a curse, poison or disease. Contrast with DD (Direct damage)
DOT Peridot Spell and trade skill component
DPS Damage-per-second Rate of damage = damage / second
DR Disease Resistance Your resistance to Disease. Increased by Items, Buffs and Bard songs.
DRU Druid Class / also Dr00d
DS Damage Shield A beneficial spell which damages enemies when the recipient is attacked with melee hits. i.e. Cadeau of Flame, Feedback, Shield of Thorns
DS Doomshade Mob
DWF Dwarf Race
EB Enduring Breath Lets you breath underwater or in zone such as The Gray
EC East Commonlands Zone, the informal trading hub of p99, server subforum for trading purposes
EF Everfrost Peaks Zone
EFP East Freeport Zone
EFP Everfrost Peaks Zone
EJ Emerald Jungle Zone
EJAC Evac to Emerald Jungle (via Wind of the South or Markar's Relocation) Spell
EK East Karana Zone
ELF Wood Elf Race
ENC Enchanter (aka Chanter) Class
ERU Erudite Race
EVAC Succor (Evacuate) Fast port to another zone or current zone safe point, slight risk of leaving someone behind
EW Eastern Wastes Zone
EXP Experience Shown as a % bar
FD Feign Death Monk skill and Necromancer/Shadow knight spell which reduces hate and removes the aggro of all NPCs
FFA Free For All Anyone can loot an item, or all items, without restriction
FG Fire Giant There are two types of Fire Giants found in Nagafen's Lair
FG Frost Giant A race of giants which inhabit Velious
FM Full Mana Mana bar is full, often implies readiness
FM Frontier Mountains Zone
FOM Full Of Mana Mana bar is full, often implies readiness. Contrast with OOM (out of mana)
FP Freeport Zone
FR Fire Resistance Your resistance to fire. Increased by Items, Buffs and Bard songs.
FTE First to Engage Zone wide yellow message with character name when a raid mob is first aggoed which indicates ownership of the kill
FV Firiona Vie princess, zone
GD The Great Divide Zone
GF Greater Faydark Zone
GFLUX Gravity Flux Enchanter spell
GL Good Luck / Guild Leader / Group Leader Says it all
GM Game Master A guide or administrator of the P99 project.
GM Guild Master A type of NPC found in cities which allow players of a matching class to buy or add skill points.
GRM / GMR Group Resist Magic Enchanter spell - Increases your resistance to Magic.
GN Good Night Time to sleep
GNM Gnome Race
GRATS Congratulations something went well :)
GTG Good To Go Telling everyone you are ready
GU Guildchat (aka /GU) Your guild chat
HEF Half-Elf Race
HFL Halfling Race
HH Highpass Hold Zone
HHK High Keep Zone
HIE High Elf Race
HK High Keep Zone
HoT Heal over Time Healing spell
HP Hit Points Characters health, have lots of these is a good thing
HPH Highpass Hold Zone
HPK High Keep Zone
HS Howling Stones Zone
HT Harm Touch Shadowknight skill, large direct damage with a 72-minute cooldown and somewhat short range
HUM Human Race
IC Iceclad Ocean Zone
ID Identify Spell
IIRC If I Remember Correctly Lets hope you do :)
IKS Iksar Race
IMO In My Opinion Your view on something
INC Incoming Your bring a mob back to your party, hopefully to kill it
INT Intelligence Your Intelligence. Effects INC casters mana pool. Increased by Items, Buffs.
INV Inventory Space to carry your gear / lewts
INVIS Invisibility Spell that makes you invis to some NPC's
IRL In Real Life Not in EQ, but in the real world
IVU Invisibility versus Undead also known as ITU
JBOOTS Journeyman's Boots Instant-cast clicky item which provides a self-only movement speed buff. Similar to Spirit of Wolf but with shorter duration and lesser effect
KC Karnor's Castle Zone
KITH Kithicor Forest Zone
KOS Kill On Sight NPC will attack you on sight
KS Kill Steal Stealing someone else's mob. See Play nice policy
KT King Tormax King of the storm giants and frost giants of Kael Drakkel
LB Light Blue Refers to /con of PC/NPC
LD Linkdead Player has lost connection to the server
LEWT Items Singly or collectively
LF Lesser Faydark / Looking For Zone
LFG Looking For Group The act of seeking a group
LG Lower Guk (aka LGuk) Zone
LOC Location Give your location in X, Y, Z coordinates, from /loc command
LoH Skill Lay Hands / Low On Health Paladan skill / Your health is low
LOIO Lake of Ill Omen Zone
LM / LoM Low On Mana Mana pool is low
LR Lake Rathetear Zone
LTB Light Blue Refers to /con of PC/NPC
MA Main Assist Player you assist in your group or raid
MAG Magician (aka Mage) Class
MC Main Enchanter Crowd Controller
MED Meditate Helps mana regeneration
MEM Scribing a spell Memorizing a spell
MEZ Mesmerize ENC/BRD/NEC spell line
MH Main Healer Mainly a cleric but can also be high level druids also
MIN Minute 60 seconds
ML Main Looter Player to lewt all corpse and let group know if there is anything good
MM Mistmoore Castle Zone
MNK Monk Class
MOB Mobile Object NPC, Monster
MP Mana Preservation (aka Mana Pres) Focus item
MR Magic Resistance Your resistance to Magic. Increased by Items, Buffs and Bard songs.
MT Mistell Sent a tell to the wrong person or channel
MT Main Tank Main Warrior. This is not always the Main Assist.
NEC Necromancer (aka NECRO) Class
NEK Nektulos Forest Zone
NEWB Newbie (aka Noobie, n00b) New player to the game
NFP North Freeport Zone
NINJA Person taking undeserved or undesignated loot Not a good thing to be. Can cause the suspension of your character or your entire guild.
NK North Karana Zone
NPC Non-Player Character Mob, Monster, computer character
NRO Northern Desert of Ro Zone
OGR Ogre Race
OOC Out Of Character Non game related chat
OOM Out Of Mana Mana pool is depleted
OOT Ocean of Tears Zone
OS Old Sebilis Zone
OT The Overthere Zone
OTM On The Move Group/Raid is about to move out
OTW On The Way Stopping OTW for a fast AFK
PAL Paladin (aka PALLY) Class
PAW Splitpaw Lair Zone
PBAoE Point-Blank Area Of Effect Line of spells
PC Player Character A human player
PC Price Check Asking for price opinion
PH Place Holder A mob that takes the place of a Named Mob.
PERMA Permafrost Zone
PK Player Killer (aka PKer) Player thats kills other players
PL Power Leveling High level character helping a low level character gain experience
PoA Plane of Air / Plane of Sky Zone
PoD Priest of Discord NPC that enables you as a PKer by handing him your book
PoF Plane of Fear Zone
PoG Plane of Growth Zone
PoH Plane of Hate Zone
PoM Plane of Mischief Zone
PoP MOB has appeared NPC Spawned
PoS Plane of Sky Zone
PR Poison Resistance Your resistance to poison. Increased by Items, Buffs and Bard songs.
PROC Programmed Random Occurence Weapon Effect triggered by Combat
PST Please Send Tell Asking for people to send you a tell
PULL Bring a mob to the group/raid Implies the strategy of keeping a group stationary, and having one designated person retrieve enemies to kill. As opposed to a "crawling" strategy commonly used in many other dungeon fantasy contexts.
QH Qeynos Hills Zone
REZ Resurrection Cleric spell and Effect on cleric epic. Restores lost XP
RFP Ready For Pull Ready to kill mobs
RL Real Life Not EQ, in the real world
RM Rathe Mountains Zone
RNG Ranger Class
RNG Random Number Generator System used to determine results randomly
ROG Rogue Class
RoS Ring of Scale Kunark dragon faction
RTM Red To Me Refers to con of a PC or NPC
RTM Read the Manual Check your instructions
RV Rivervale Zone
RZ Rallos Zek deity
SA Secondary Assist Second player you assist for your group/raid targets
SC Spell Casting just that
SFG Surefall Glade Zone
SHD Shadow Knight Class
SHM Shaman (aka SHAMMY) Class
SK Shadow Knight Class
SK South Karana Zone
SKEL Skeleton (aka Skelly) Mob, NPC
SLN Skin Like Nature Druid AC/HP Buff
SoC Spirit of Cheetah Druid run speed Buff
SoE Sony Online Entertainment Creators of EQ w/ Verant
SOL A Solusek's Eye Zone
SOL B Nagafen's Lair Zone
SORZ / Statue Statue of Rallos Zek Mob in Keal
SoS Spirit of Scale Buff
SoS Speed of Shissar Enchanter epic effect
SoW Spirit of Wolf Run speed buff
SRO Southern Desert of Ro Zone
SS Skyshrine Zone
STA Stamina Your Stamina. Effects your HP. Increased by Items, Buffs.
STR Strength Your Strength. Effects your Attack rating and amount you can carry. Increased by Items, Buffs.
SV Save versus (C - Cold, F - Fire, P - Poison, D - Disease, M - Magic) Your resistance to spell effects. Increased by Items, Buffs and Bard songs.
Tick As in ticking of time. A tick is a 6-second period that is server based.
TL Translocate, wizard travel spell Ports single character to a location
TOFS Tower of Frozen Shadow Zone
ToV Temple of Veeshan Zone, (also NTOV, WTOV, ETOV - north, west, and east quadrants)
TOX Toxxulia Forest Zone
TP Teleport DRU/WIZ (aka "port", "ride", "taxi")
TRAIN Large group of monsters to nearest zone point Only polite to let unsuspecting players sitting at the zone
TRL Troll Race
TT Trakanon's Teeth Zone
TT Trakanon's Tooth Item
TT Terris Thule deity
TZ Tallon Zek deity
VEL Velium / Velious Trade skill components, effect / Expansion
VP Veeshan's Peak Zone
VS Versus / Venril Sathir Against something / Mob in KC
VSR Venril Sathir's Remains Mob in KC
WAR Warrior Class
WC West Commonlands Zone
WFP West Freeport Zone
WIS Wisdom Your Wisdom. Effects WIS casters mana pool. Increased by Items, Buffs.
WIZ Wizard Class
WK West Karana Zone
WMP When Mana Permits When asking for buffs, the buffer may be LOM, just letting them know there is no rush
WT Weight How much you are/can carry. Item weight
WTB Want To Buy Used in a channel to let players know you want to buy something
WTG Way To Go Grats
WTS Want To Sell Used in a channel to let players know you want to sell something
WTT Want To Trade Used in a channel to let players know you want to trade something
WTTF Want To Trade For Used in a channel to let players know you want to trade for something specific
WW Western Wastes / Warsliks Woods Zones
YELLOW Amount of experience Represents visually as a yellow bubble (starting empty and being filled) on the exp bar
YT Yellow Text On red p99, the message displayed after a player is killed by another player.
ZEM Zone Experience Modifier see wiki
ZERG Zerg Using large numbers of players to overwhelm a target, as opposed to smaller numbers of more experienced players.
ZING Extinguish Fatigue Letting your group you need a STA regen buff, spell